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Elliptical trainer is also referred to as cross trainer or X-trainer. It is a stationary exercise machine which is employed in order to simulate walking, running or stair climbing without having much impact on the joints thus significantly reducing the risk of injuries. Because of this reason, users having some kind of injury prefer to use elliptical trainers for their workout because of the lower level of stress it imposes. These devices offers cardiovascular workout of various nature. The workout done on these machines can be light or of high intensity. The toughness or intensity of the workout normally determined on the basis of the speed or the resistance level selected by the user. Here are best elliptical machine reviews highlighting the features of top selling brands of the world.

Top Home Elliptical MachinesProduct DimensionWeight limitDetailed ReviewsCustomer ReviewsCheck Amazon
Sole Fitness E35

Sole Fitness E35

27 x 58 x 83 inches375-poundRead more99 customer reviews See At Amazon
Best Fitness E1 Elliptical

Best Fitness E1 Elliptical

48 x 30 x 66 inches275-poundsRead more 50 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Horizon Fitness EX-59-02

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02

68.2 x 22 x 646 inches145 poundsRead more51 customer reviews See At Amazon
Yowza Fitness Miami

Yowza Fitness Miami

66 x 33 x 66 inches226 poundsRead more2 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Schwinn 520 Recumbent

Schwinn 520 Recumbent

62 x 28 x 40 inches300 poundsRead more50 customer reviewsSee At Amazon

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine big 1

This is gym size machine which offers a fluid natural motion generated by a low noise drive system which can provide both reverse and forward motion. Because of the combination of high gear ration and twenty five lb flywheel, it provides highly smooth feel. It incorporates twenty different levels of resistance in order to provide the user exactly desired workout. It enables the users to adjust the moving handlebars for enhanced comfort. These handle bars employs pulse sensors to regularly monitor the heart beat rate of the user. Here are its terrific features.

Efficient Incline

This elliptical trainer incorporates additional resistance and variable positions which ensures challenging and diverse cardio workout just after pressing a button. The ramp angle is completely adjustable and user can adjust it from zero to thirty degrees. It makes it possible for the users to target all the major muscle groups of the lower body individually.

Quite While Working

This exercise machine provides natural and fluid motion in both reverse and forward direction. Because of the combination of high gear ration and twenty nine pound heavy flywheel, it provides highly smooth feel without much noise.

Advanced Pulse Sensors

This device employs high quality advanced pulse sensors located on the stationary handle bars which constantly monitor your heart beat rate with high degree of accuracy so that users can check their heart rate during workout. These sensors also prevent the users from harmful overtraining.

Efficient Design

This machine incorporates four rear wheels on rails which are heavy duty in nature. Its efficient design ensures stable feel, smoother operation and minimizes the side to side pedal motion.

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Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer

Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body Solid big 2

Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer areĀ the best elliptical machines provide natural and comfortable stride. It employs patented technology which ensures the biomechanical correctness of the ellipse. As a result, this device moves in the same natural motion as the human body does. As a result, user gets true running feel. It keeps the user in the balanced position providing secure and stable workout. Here is a list of its distinguishing features.

Padded Footrests

This exercise machine provides a solid non slip feel during workout. The pedals are made up of non skid sort of material, therefore you can enjoy comfortable and convenient workout without any fear.

Higher Smoothness

This elliptical trainer uses a center drive system which incorporates a patented technology that is being exclusively offered by the Body Solid Inc. As a result of employing this technology, an extremely smooth training experience is provided to the user because it biomechanically corrects the shape of the ellipse. During ride, the user does not feel an artificial movement. Instead the user feels as he or she is actually running or walking. Because of this, less stress applied on the knees and joints preventing several injuries.

Efficient Pedal Design

In order to minimize the stress around the hips of the user, this exercise machine deploys the pedals close together. But all this is done in such a nice way that it doesn’tseem to be cramped but actually appears to be compact elliptical design. Although it is not possible to adjust the pedalsyet such an adjustment is not much required because of the ideal size of the pedals.

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Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer big 3

This is a reliable and solid machine which is equipped with several useful features that allows the user to get the most from all workouts. It is designed according to the specification of a system which is referred to as SIXstar certification which ensures extremely comfortable workout. Each and every inclusion of this product is designed while having extensive focus on the convenience and comfort of the user. Here are its main features.

Wide Range of Workout Programs

This exercise machine comes with ten different workout programs which enables the users to upgrade the intensity level to remain challenged with the increase in their fitness level. The included programs are reverse train, intervals, intervals plus, weight loss, weight loss plus, random, constant watts, manual, rolling and calorie goal.

Adjustable Resistance Levels

This elliptical trainer provides sixteen different levels of resistance which makes it possible for the user to enhance the intensity of the workout as his/her fitness improves. As a result, this machine remains extremely useful for every user throughout his or her life.

Pivoting Pedals

The pivoting pedals employed by this machine follow the movement of your feet and ensures low impact workout in order to reduce the chance of muscle strain.

Stride Adjustment

This product enables you to adjust the length of the stride in order to facilitate the users of various heights and to provide enhanced flexibility during workout. Many people stated in their elliptical machine reviews that this machine is really awesome for interval training.

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Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical Trainer

Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical Trainer Machine big 4

Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical Trainer is the best elliptical machine which comes with variable motion and cardio core training. In incorporates several useful functions to keep you moving towards your desired fitness related goal. It is heavy duty equipment and it can be safely employed to serve users of various heights and weights. This machine is really tough and durable. Following are its main features.

High Quality LCD Display

This product incorporates bigger LCD screen along with two independent LED screens to display the resistance and incline levels. The users can read all the displayed information just by having a quick look during workout because of bigger screen size and enhanced readability.


This elliptical trainer comes with lifetime warranty for its braking system and frame. It also incorporates two year home labor warranty. All the parts have ten years warranty. After reading the details regarding its warranty, one can have full confidence in the quality and durability of this machine.

IWM (Intelligent Weight Management)

This machine comes with Intelligent Weight Management software which enables the user to check his or her weight before starting the workout. This information is stored into the database of the machine. IWM enables the elliptical trainer to monitor the weight of the user and to create the specific workouts that are extremely helpful for the user in achieving the desired fitness goal.IWM checks the calories eaten by the user, number of calories burned and at the end of the day it shows the negative or positive user calorie status.

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Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer

Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer big 5

This is the best elliptical machine which enables you to achieve your fitness goal without pushing yourself beyond the limits or causing damage to your muscles. It allows you to enjoy smooth and convenient workout while efficiently targeting the desired muscle group. Now you can enjoy the convenient style of exerciseand the terrific experience by using this state of the art revolutionary elliptical trainer. It can be used as both recumbent bike and high quality elliptical trainer. Here are its cool features.

Efficient Display Monitor

This exercise machine allows the sure to keep track of his or her performance of theworkout and provides complete information regarding distance travelled, speed, RPM, time and number of calories burned. It also employs the heart beat rate sensors to enable the user to constantly check their heart rate during the workout.

Contoured seat Back

This machine enables the users to perform long workout with high degree of comfort and helps in maintaining a good posture. Due to the incorporation of reclined seat position, safety and relaxation during exercise has been increased.

Airdyne fan system

This elliptical trainer comes with wind resistance which ensures maximum cooling and provides enhanced comfort to you during the workout. The motion of the cooling fan is also provided in order to increase the comfort even more.

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After reading the above elliptical machine reviews, you are now equipped with very useful and authentic information regarding the best elliptical trainers available in the market. The purpose of providing these reviews is to help all those people who are planning to buy an elliptical trainer for them. People who are planning to get such a machine can safely choose one of the products mentioned above without any fear or hesitation because the above brands are considered to be the best by too many users across the globe. However, people may gather more information and conduct further research to make a best choice regarding the purchase of elliptical trainer.